This Wave Organ On The California Coast Makes Music From The Ocean


Sitting out on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay, the Wave Organ is a unique sculpture that blends art, music and nature. The installation was built with 25 organ pipes – made of PVC and concrete – at various elevations, which become activated and make incredible sounds when the ocean waves come crashing in.

The piece was built in 1986 as a collaboration between artist Peter Richards and sculptor and master stonemason George Gonzales.  Inspiration came from the sounds produced by a vent pipe off a floating concrete dock in Sydney, Australia.

It’s located out on a jetty that forms the Small Boat Harbor in the Marina district of San Francisco. The jetty itself had actually been built using recycled granite and marble from an old demolished cemetery.

The sculpture creates natural, acoustic music when waves crash against the pipes, and when water moves in & out of them. Usually the sounds are pretty subtle, but you can hear them best when the tide is high.

Of course it looks awesome in photos, but wait ’til you hear the sounds this instrument can make. For a closer look, check out this amazing clip from Rob Thomas on Youtube:


Wow! Sounds like something from the Blue Man Group. Have you seen and heard this amazing wave organ before? Or would you like to check it out sometime?