Why You Need To Visit Cape Kiwanda On The Oregon Coast


Three Capes Scenic Route is an excellent way to take in 40 miles of Oregon’s coastal scenery. The drive connects three beautiful state parks, including: Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and the smallest, Cape Kiwanda.

Cape Kiwanda may not be as big, but it has a gorgeous diversity of scenery: with tide pools, brilliant sandstone, sand dunes, coves and a huge off-shore monolith. The coastal park’s known for getting strong winds, but that just makes for great hang gliding, surfing and kite flying, and the chance to see powerful ocean waves crashing in.

The hiking opportunities here are amazing. For those seeking an adventure, there are several trails you can take for breathtaking views. One route climbs to the very top of the cape, and offers panoramic views of Pacific City and the ocean.

Or, if you don’t feel like wandering up through the sand dunes – which is a decent workout – you can always just relax and have a picnic on the soft sand by the water, or explore the tide pools that serve as home to several fascinating creatures like sea stars.

One of the defining features of Cape Kiwanda is a giant off-shore monolith, known as Haystack Rock (pictured above – not to be confused with the one in Cannon Beach). Of course it makes for some amazing photo ops, especially if you make it here by sunset.

All in all, it’s a spectacular stop on a trip up the Oregon coast. Continue north and also be sure to check out Cape Meares – where you’ll find a lighthouse and the legendary Octopus Tree – as well as Cape Lookout – with beautiful hiking trails and whale watching opportunities.

For a closer look, check out this footage of Cape Kiwanda from Clifford Paguio on Youtube:

Have you been to Cape Kiwanda before? Or would you like to check it out sometime?