6 Magical Places In Oregon That Are Straight Out Of Harry Potter


Calling all Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Slytherins and Hufflepuffs. We rounded up these six magical places across Oregon where you can recreate the wizarding world of Harry Potter, right here in the Pacific Northwest.

1. Duplicative Forest

Bordering Hogwarts, Forbidden Forest was a dark place that Harry, Ron and Hermoine had become all too familiar with. Similarly, Oregon had this stretch of woods known as the “Duplicative Forest” that you could view along I-84 that almost looked like an optical illusion. Recently the trees in this forest (formerly known as the Boardman Tree Farm) have been cut down and the land will become a dairy farm. It’s sad because the trees could be viewed from the frontage road right off I-84 at exit 171 and you could get that Forbidden Forest eeriness.

2. Ramona Falls, Mt. Hood National Forest

In the Goblet of Fire, you may remember Steall Falls – a cascade in Scotland – that was seen in the Triwizard Tournament. Set near Mount Hood, Ramona Falls is just as enchanting (if not more) – dropping 120 feet on the upper Sandy River. A popular 7-mile loop leads hikers up to a wooden bridge where you can get amazing photo ops just under the base of the falls.

3. Out’n’About Treehouse Resort, near Cave Junction

Like the Weasley’s house, but right here in Oregon – the Out’n’About Treehouse Resort is a cozy place to stay amid lush forest. They have several individually designed treehouses you can stay in, varying in shapes, sizes and heights, and all of which are accessed by either stairs, ladders or swinging bridges. It’s a lot more memorable than staying in any regular hotel and B&B, that’s for sure.

4. The Oregon Vortex House Of Mystery, Gold Hill

Mind-boggling? Absolutely. Haunted with paranormal activity? Well, that’s up for you to decide. But the Oregon Vortex House is still a fun roadside attraction that will make you question everything you know about the laws of physics. Somehow this place maintains a strange phenomena where you can actually get balls to roll up-hill. Some people claim it’s an optical illusion, but I just like to think of those non-believers as muggles.

5. Mount Hood Railroad

harry potter oregon

Photo by Peter Marbach

Sure it’s no Hogwarts Express, but you’ll still love this 22-mile excursion just east of Portland. It kicks off in Hood River and leads south through Odell before arriving in Parkdale, with marvelous views of Mount Hood almost the entire route. They also offer dinner trains, and the cherished Polar Express during the holiday season.

6.  Enchanted Forest Theme Park, Salem

Enchanted Forest is almost like Oregon’s version of Hogsmeade, set just south of Salem off I-5. Like the magical little village in HP, this detailed theme park has acres of rides, entertainment, shopping and dining. They’re open seasonally – beginning in late March, weekends in April, every day from May through Labor Day, and then only on the weekends in September.

What places in Oregon remind you of Harry Potter? We’d love to hear your thoughts & comments below.