The Top 8 Places You Should Visit On Bainbridge Island


Bainbridge is only a half hour ferry ride from Seattle, but it’s like a whole other world because of how quiet, relaxing and slow-moving everything is. The island’s packed with small town restaurants, parks with historical significance, and attractions that are perfect for a girls weekend or family fun getaway. These are a few of our favorite places you’ll want to make a stop in the next time you visit.

1. Bloedel Reserve

A place of solitude, stillness and reflection, Bloedel Reserve is a great place to collect your thoughts and unwind a little bit. The reserve includes beautifully landscaped gardens, trails to hike, a boardwalk, and this mirror-like pool with a bench where you can sit and contemplate. They also have a Visitor Center in an old, lovely French-style home, with views over Puget Sound and a library full of books on horticulture.

2. Fort Ward Park

3. Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Free to visit, Bainbridge’s Museum of Art is a fun way to spend the afternoon for any creative mind. It’s easy to reach only a couple of minutes up the street from the ferry terminal, with a lovely eye-catching architectural design and fantastic exhibits inside showcasing the work of talented local artists.

4. Bainbridge Island Brewery

If you love an ice cold beer, make a stop in this local brewery and try one of their well-loved selections on tap. They’re known for their classic ales, but they also make creative seasonal options and one-offs. We’re a big fan of their IPA, but to be fair, you’ll want to sample all of the ones they’re offering to find your new favorite.

5. Island Tasting Room Gallery Cafe

More of a wine drinker? Bainbridge has a place for that, too. Though quaint and small, Island Tasting Room Gallery Cafe will still impress you with their fabulous selection of local wines and glorious cheese plates. Tasting chardonnay and brie makes for a wonderful Saturday afternoon, indeed.

6. MORA Iced Creamery

I don’t know about you but a nice big bowl of ice cream can really hit the spot, especially when it’s made locally here in Washington. With locations in Bainbridge, Poulsbo and Kingston, this small creamery makes a variety of smooth, decadent flavors, including: White Chocolate, Cheesecake With Brownies, Green Tea, and a signature Blackberry.

You can mix and match your artisan scoops in regular cups, or in classic waffle cones and bowls. If you fall in love with a flavor while you’re here, MORA can also deliver 4 and 8-pint boxes right to your doorstep back home.

7. Battle Point Park

With a playground, picnic tables and quiet nature trail that loops around the park, Battle Point is fun to visit for both adults and kids alike. The park is huge, covering a whopping 90 acres with a duck pond, soccer fields and tennis courts. It’s the perfect place to walk your dog and let your little ones run off all their energy.

8. Pegasus Coffee House & Gallery

You’ll be drawn in to this cute little coffee shop because of the Boston Ivy vines that blanket the exterior (which turn a gorgeous reddish-yellow by fall). The building’s set in a former hardware store, with a cozy ambiance that’s just perfect on a cold, rainy day. They serve more than just coffee – stop in and pair your mocha with one of their satisfying breakfast sandwiches.

I’m ready to hop on a ferry and head out to Bainbridge myself. Where are some of your favorite places to visit on this beautiful island?