8 Of The Best Dog-Friendly Hikes In Washington


Hiking is a lot more fun when it’s with a four-legged friend. Especially in the Pacific Northwest! Walking through our lush Evergreen forest with Fido by your side and views of the Olympics or Cascades in the horizon will remind you why they’re man’s best friend.

We narrowed down some of Washington’s best trails to take with your furry companion. Keep in mind, they’re all considered “dog-friendly”, but certain ones may have obstacles that some pets may find more challenging than others. So be cautious – and of course, always remember to keep them on a leash!

1. Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a huge, 135-foot horsetail cascade on the south fork of the Snoqualmie River. At about three miles round-trip, the pleasant hike through lush green forest is perfect for taking both your pets and little ones.

2. Hamilton Mountain

Climbing high above the Columbia River Gorge, Hamilton Mountain will give you and your adorable buds the most incredible views. This steep 7-and-a-half mile trail in Beacon Rock State Park is also filled with blooming wildflowers in the spring, and also leads past two gorgeous waterfalls on the way up.

3. Moulton Falls

4. Rattlesnake Ledge

7. Snow Lake