These 6 Magical Places In Washington Are Straight Out Of Harry Potter


Attention all Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Slytherins and Hufflepuffs. We rounded up these six magical places in Washington where you can recreate the wizarding world of Harry Potter, right here in the Pacific Northwest.

1. Hogwarts Express…or Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad?

Sure it’s no Hogwarts Express but you’ll love this excursion by Mount Rainier. The route kicks off in the tiny town of Elbe, passes through lush forest and foothills and crosses the beautiful Upper Nisqually River. In the winter they also offer “The Polar Express” trains with Santa, hot cocoa and cookies. (Get more info on their website here.)

2. Hogwarts…or Stadium High School in Tacoma?

Unfortunately this castle doesn’t teach Potions or Defense Against The Dark Arts – just regular high school math and science. It was originally built as a luxury hotel in the early 1900s, but later re-opened as a public high school after a major fire. Four years after re-opening they also added in the Stadium Bowl next to the school for football, track and soccer – but we like to think it would be an epic place to play Quidditch.

3. Hagrid’s home… or the Hobbit Hut in Port Orchard?

Actually inspired by the Hobbit, this little earthen building is set within The Brother’s Greenhouses garden center. During business hours, visitors are more than welcome to step inside, take some photos and sign their guest book.

4. Diagon Alley…or Post Alley in Seattle?

Unlike Diagon Alley, Seattle’s Post Alley doesn’t have a wand shop. Instead it has some amazing local restaurants like Pike Place Chowder, Kells Irish Pub and Post Alley Pizza. It’s tucked away in Pike Place Market and also home to the famous Gum Wall, where you can add your own chewed piece of Bubbalicious.

5. Hogsmeade…or Leavenworth?

Leavenworth is like Washington’s own Hogsmeade, nestled in the Cascade Mountains. Like the magical little village in HP, this charming Bavarian town has dozens of small shops, restaurants and enchanting local attractions. We especially love the Nutcracker Museum, year-round Kris Kringl Christmas shop, and the German sausages and beer garden at München Haus.

6. The Weasley’s House…or Cedar Creek Treehouse near Mount Rainier?

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Photo via Trip Advisor

Have you been to any of these magical places before? What are some enchanting spots in Washington that remind you of Harry Potter?