11 Reasons Why There’s No Place Like Washington


Washington is a special place. There’s diverse beauty everywhere from the coastline to the Olympic National Forest, North Cascades and rolling hills of the Palouse. We’re lucky to get views of Rainier while driving down the street, Puget Sound across the Seattle area, and we have some of the best produce, beer & wine. To be fair the reasons why there’s no place like Washington could go on forever, but these are just eleven of our favorite things about this Pacific Northwest state.

1. The lush Evergreen forests

Every state has their own share of greenery, but none are quite like Washington. After all, we are known as the “Evergreen State”. We have nine lush forests – from the Olympic National Forest to the Gifford Pinchot and beyond. They provide miles of quiet hiking trails, and plenty of campsites where you can stay for the night.

2. The rugged coastline

Washington’s stretch of the Pacific coast is about as enchanting as it gets. The beaches are a lot colder than ones you’d find in California or Florida, and they’re filled with driftwood, rock piles, tree-topped sea stacks and tide pools. (We especially love the Long Beach Peninsula on the southern end of the coast.)

3. The mountains

What’s even more awesome? Many of Washington’s major peaks are actually volcanoes. Even after living here for awhile it’s always mesmerizing to see our highest peaks looming in the horizon – like Mount Rainier, pictured above.

4. The diverse scenery

Washington has an incredible variety of terrain. We don’t just have Evergreen forest, mountains and coastline, but east of the Cascades you’ll find quite the different landscape of scablands and rolling wheat fields. We’re also home to many islands, glaciers, rainforests, and pretty much everything in between.

5. The endless outdoor opportunities

Not only do we have forest and mountains for hiking, but the things to do here are basically endless. You can go kayaking or canoeing on our many beautiful lakes, find world-class fishing and windsurfing by the Columbia River Gorge, or hit the slopes across our many skiing and snowboarding resorts. However you like getting fresh air and sunshine, there’s a perfect place in Washington to do it. (We also have some excellent snowshoeing trails.)

6. The beer, wine and coffee

If you like to drink, you definitely have a great selection in Washington. Some states don’t have many options beyond the big names like Budweiser – but we have tons of local craft microbreweries and wineries to choose from. Our climate is perfect for growing fresh hops and grapes to make into our favorite alcoholic drinks. And of course, nothing compares to our locally roasted coffee too, especially in the big city.

7. The fresh produce

With our perfect climate we also produce some of the freshest fruits and veggies, and we have plenty of local farmers markets where you can find them. There’s nothing like tasting fresh Washington apples, Rainier cherries and sweet Walla Walla onions.

8. We have the largest ferry system in the U.S.

And might I add, some of the most breathtaking views from the decks. Our state’s ferry system includes 28 vessels total, and travels around to 20 ports of call across Puget Sound. When the Olympic Mountains line the horizon on a clear day it makes for such a beautiful ride across the water.

9. The gorgeous waterfalls

There’s something really magical about Washington’s waterfalls. Maybe it’s because they’re surrounded by lush green forest. Or maybe it’s because there’s so many of them that you don’t have to hike far to find them. Whatever the reason, they’re always breathtaking to see. (Especially these ones that only require three mile hikes or less.)

10. We’re sustainable

We’re surrounded by a beautiful environment in Washington and we know it. We don’t only recycle and compost, but the majority of our state’s power comes from renewable energy sources, like hydroelectric, solar and wind. Washington’s also home to the Grand Coulee Dam, which is the largest hydroelectric power producer in the country.

11. We get all four seasons

And they’re each more beautiful than the last! Our great climate allows us to experience the different scenery every season, unlike some places that don’t get much of a fall or winter. We’re lucky to get snowy winters, blooming wildflowers in the spring, warm summer weather and fiery foliage in the fall.

Truly, there’s no place like home in Washington. Why do you love living here? Share your favorite reasons with us in the comments below.